It’s been a while. Time to dust off this digital notebook, grab the metaphorical pen, and get back into this blogging thing. The plan going forward is daily posts, but we’ll just have to see if I’m able to stick to that. Might have to employ some sneaky tactics like scheduling posts in advance! Advanced stuff, I know~ There probably won’t be a recap of my second year on the Interactive Design course, at least not in the foreseeable future. So let’s just jump straight to the third one! More specifically the joint project that happened on the welcome

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I have to admit I’m a bit lost here. I have complained about interactions and dissected user interfaces in two separate posts, and even have some basic ideas about what I want to do. Yet despite all of that I just can’t get myself to just sit down, and write a first draft script and do some early storyboards. So I guess I’ll just do what I usually do: start writing a blog post and see where I end up. If you’re seeing this that means I have actually finished that, and published it onto my blog!

The final (well, the last one that isn’t the logbook) submission for Critical Analysis is right around the corner, and I have the feedback from both the presentation and the research board. With that in mind I wanted to write up some sort of guidelines for my essay, based on what I want to write about and what was missing from my previous projects.

In my previous post I looked at some examples of “interactive films/videos”, and tried to see how they worked on a narrative level (while also lightly touching on some mechanics and interface issues here and there). For today, I thought I’d move this along a bit more by using the same examples, and maybe some new ones too, to compare the interface designs of these interactive videos.