Newspeak #1 – Act Two (of Two)

Well so much for the daily posts. I have a decent excuse for the first two or three missing days, pretty much nothing for the rest of them. I’m just terrible at keeping to any sort of schedule I guess. But let’s put that aside and wrap up this Newspeak project thingy!

I ended up going with the “box of medicine” idea, so I sat down and sketched out something on an A4 sheet.

Let’s just say it was a bit… busy. Chris pointed out that exact thing, and he suggested a more minimalist approach. Still wanting to keep the bin in the image, I went for a simplified depiction of everything, even getting rid of any typography outside of the box itself.

As for the final image, I wanted something unconventional. The few fixed things I had in mind were using newsprint paper and making the final image black and white as well. It just fit with the newspaper theme anyway, and the black and white makes it look even more disposable, which is appropriate, considering the image is a large bin. Then I thought about it some more, and decided that I wanted to go for a messy look, and my mind jumped straight back to monoprinting.

We’ve done monoprinting at the very beginning of the first year of the course (so about 10 blog posts ago), and I still remembered the basics. Which is why the next step was scanning the drawing in, blowing it up to A3 size, and flipping it around.

And finally I went down to the printing studio to create the finalized version. The first attempt didn’t go all that well (for the bin I used a pen-cap so I couldn’t keep track of which areas I’ve already done and which ones were still left white), but Chris seemed to like it so that’s something.

But I didn’t, so instead, I just changed tools, and used a red marker pen to trace the outline of the bin, resulting in a much nicer look.

I was quite pleased with the result, and at the feedback session it seemed like Chris and the others liked it as well, so overall I would say this little intro project went well!

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