Newspeak #1 – Act One

It’s time for the new projects to commence!This is just an introduction to Interactive Design 4 (the modules aren’t all that creatively named anymore). Our job in this first little weekly project is to respond to an article with an A3 poster. There’s a catch. The article we got was completely random, cut out from a daily newspaper. Mine is about GP appointment slots on the weekend going unused, and how this is a bad thing according the doctors’ union, and money should be spent elsewhere, but on the other hand things will be fine, says the NHS.

There is another catch: the poster has to be hand-made (or at least done with a non-conventional printing method. So risograph prints and photocopies are a-okay!), which means we cannot just go into Photoshop or Illustrator and whip something up in five minutes.

During the introduction to this brief Chris emphasized looking at different angles, checking multiple sources, that sort of thing. In the spirit of that, I went online to look for other articles about this particular topic. There were some in The Independent, The Telegraph, and The Times, but all of them were essentially just the same article, using the same language, the same quotes, with minor structural differences. Despite specifically searching for it, I couldn’t find any stories about this in tabloids or conservative news sources, so there wasn’t really another perspective for me to view this from.


What I could do instead was to see what the two sides in the argument were saying. These two being the British Medical Association (the doctors’ union) and the NHS (a government entity). So I listed their pros and cons, the read through them a couple of times until I could sort of formulate my own opinion:

Not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s enough for now. With that in mind I sat down and tried sketching out some poster ideas, and coming up with silly slogans to put on them. And maybe make it mildly clever… Or at the very least do not be a Ben Garrison who labels everything, and has about as much subtlety as someone kicking your door off its hinges. (CW: A horrible political cartoon )

If anyone is still reading this and your eyes are still fully functional despite looking at my sketches, I will let you know that right now it looks like I’m going with the “box of medicine with maybe fun text on it” idea. In the unlikely event that everything works out how I want it to, I’ll be back with a finished poster tomorrow.

Until then I leave you with an exercise: take a random photograph, grab a pen, and label everything on it with completely unrelated words and phrases that somehow defend some obscene conservative politician.

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