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Audio Visual – Round and round

As usual, I need to do some catching up. This post is about the audio visual session we had on the 3rd of November. I don’t really have any pictures this time since I was using my camera to make videos, but what I’ll do is embed the video here and write about each little section of it.

First of all, yes, the audio is the same I used for the Solvent Abuse video a few weeks ago. That’s simply because I started editing this video at the end of the session, and I didn’t have anything else on my laptop.

screenshot1 screenshot2

Alright, the first clip of the video. Here you can clearly see that there was an additional distorting lens on my camera. That was blu-tacked on there for the recording of every clip. The other thing that was used a lot, is that slightly curved plastic board I put over the camera (which was on a table) here. Then I rolled a marble around on top of that because it looked interesting. In general I tried to cut the video footage so it somewhat matches the audio, that’s why the first clip fades to black.


Second clip at 0:19: I attached the camera to the wheel of my skateboard with a rubber band, then carried it in my hand, along the plants in outside the little corridor connecting the two AAD buildings, while spinning the wheel manually.

screenshot4 screenshot8


Third clip, 0:40 – the camera almost fell off, but the rubber band kept it on there, except now it was attached to the “rolling side” of the wheel. As a result it started wildly going from one side to the other, as when I carried the board around the camera’s weight would pull the wheel in different directions.

screenshot5 screenshot7

At 0:52 I did the same as in the second clip, except this time the board was stationary, and I put that curved plastic board above it again.

screenshot9 screenshot11screenshot13

From 1:30 onwards it’s just a video I took slowly riding on the board, while holding the plastic thingy in front of the camera. It started raining a bit at this point, so you can see some water droplets on its surface. The flashing images I added during editing to match the little clicking sounds. Those small few frame long clips are from footage I ended up not using for various reasons.


Then, finally, when the music starts to come back, I just put the clip with the marble over the video, as a callback to the beginning.

That’s it. I don’t really have anything else to say, this session was fairly straightforward to be honest, and I don’t feel like I can add anything to it.

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