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Alright, this is the first major project of the first year. We have to make a website for a brand or a band, and I’m obviously choosing the latter since I don’t care about the former. After reading through the brief a couple of times, here’s what it boils down to:

  • The band’s current site has to be improved upon, so there’s no point in choosing bands whose webpage is already great
  • The site has to target the same audience the band’s music is aiming for, therefore it’d be easier if I chose a band whose music is aimed at my age group
  • The site has to have some kind of interactive element to it that can engage the viewer

Now, I’m gonna go ahead and attempt to pick a band or musician based on those guidelines. I’ll just list any relatively smaller bands (because I don’t feel like I could do anything with Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Linkin Park, or whoever, without the final product feeling lacking in content) that come to mind right now, look at their current website, and then try to think of what I could do with them in terms of interactivity. Alright, let’s do this!

Poets Of The Fall


How does the site look right now?

Their current site is fairly simplistic, but it works perfectly. On mobile that is. Most things are simply too large for viewing on a monitor, and that results in a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

At the top of the site is the cover of their new album with links to iTunes and the merchandise shop. Below that are their upcoming tour dates, with links to VIP and regular tickets for easy access. Further down we see the Poets of the Fall discography (the ‘See All’ button takes you to a page with all albums listed with tracklists and links to sites where you can buy them), their latest music video, and Facebook and Instagram feeds separated by upside down text.

What would I make?

I’d probably make a site based on their previous works, while still featuring the new album. Back then, they had a different logo, with the most prominent feature being a moth, and their aesthetics were focused on creating a run-down look for everything instead of the current minimalism.


I could try to apply the old scratched texture to their new flat colors. Or I might try to implement the moth and their old logo with the current art direction. Right now, I don’t know, but if I end up picking them, I’ll most likely try out those ideas.

What kind of interactivity can be applied?

This is the main reason I want to bring back the moth, because it can work as an animated feature that can be interacted with. I’d have to be careful not to make it an annoyance, but a nice little feature instead. As to what exactly the moth would do, I have no idea. At least as of now.

Fail Emotions


How does the site look right now?

Well, empty. Not even a logo or anything. I expected a bit more than this.

What would I make?

fail_emotions-4-renaissanceSince Fail Emotions isn’t really active on any social media platforms, I’d have to focus on content that’s already out. That means their music, (nonsensical) lyrics, and occasional videos. Their artwork usually features their robot logo in some capacity, and most of the time has some sci-fi elements to it (be it space, or, well, robots).

What kind of interactivity can be applied?

The robot could be a main element. Probably not fully animated, cause that would take too much time and resources, but as a focal point of the website it might work. Another thing that could be implemented is some sort of space imagery, based on two lines of the chorus of their song ‘Runaway’: “Running, stepping on stars, Venus, Saturn & Mars”.   It could look something like the artwork for their single ‘A New Day Has Come’ except not the sun but the different planets in our solar system.


□ (Missing Character)

missing_character_current_siteHow does the site look right now?

Since □ is just one of many aliases of Lewis Cooper, there is no dedicated site right now which uses the aesthetics of this project, he simply has a store page on Bandcamp (seen on the picture to the left) for everything under the “Mumble Etc.” label. There also exists a wiki site containing slightly more information, but not too much.

What would I make?

I would focus on the Missing Character alias both because I absolutely love the artwork used for it, and how experimental the music is, but also because it is one of the few aliases that aren’t linked to any “fandom” music (so songs or albums based on other properties). This is entirely original (except for one song).

If I were to make this site I would definitely focus on building a website that is fairly strange, and utilizes a lot of glitchy or just abstract aesthetics. At the same time I’d have to be extremely careful to still make the website usable, and not just a mess that will turn viewers away.

a4011125461_10 missing_character_cloud_artwork cover

What kind of interactivity can be applied?

This is a place where implementing interactive imagery could really work, and would absolutely fit the style and concept of the music. Tying how the website looks to the position of the mouse might be hard to implement, but at the same time it could lead to situations where different areas of the page become associated with different shapes and colors without me deliberately creating some artwork.


How does the site look right now?

This guy used to have a website, but now that link just redirects to his Bandcamp storefront. I looked up the full-fledged page on the Wayback Machine (this is a screengrab from January this year. As it turns out, it was already way out of date, since the latest news featured were from early 2014.

That aside, the website has a static background image, and a scalable middle part. I like the inclusion of the music player that’s always sitting at the bottom of the screen, but can be closed. Under the discography tab each album had a Bandcamp player embedded next to the cover artwork, which is great, since one can check out the songs before going to the store page.


What would I make?

First of all, the site should properly catalogue the immense amount of music Aviators has put out over the years, so there should be an easy to use discography page, that can still play music, and links to the actual store.

What kind of interactivity can be applied?

Maybe something based on the cover of his latest album, Stargazers. It could be just those three vertical lines running all the way through the website, and changing based on clicks, leading to different pages. So if the viewer clicks on a link somewhere below the cover, instead of just loading a different page, one of those vertical lines could curve 90 degrees and the camera could follow it to the requested page.


Well, that’s all I could think of right now. I’m not going to choose now, cause I don’t feel like I have enough to go on right now. I will probably go and do some very basic mockups of ideas I can come up with regarding these artists, and then see which one I like the most.

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