Month: October 2016

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Well that was definitely an interesting session. We started out with watching a short film about solvent abuse called „Illusion”. The twist was that the commentary had been replaced with strange and noisy background music, which for the last two minutes turns into a beautifully calming ambient track that’s like something from a Trent Reznor soundtrack. I also adore those small voice samples that were used, and echo away.

It’s now been almost two weeks since the first Critical Analysis session, and I don’t feel like I’ve done enough work. Scratch that, I definitely needed to do more with my time. But I had no idea what to do, how to begin, and was in general nervous that I will somehow pick something not related to the course and I will be ridiculed for it (I know that’s a stupid thing to be worried about, but old habits die hard). It also didn’t help that I managed to myself in a corner by the end of the first meeting. The

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I honestly have no clue if this is appropriate for posting on the blog, but whatever. I have to make a logbook anyway, so I might as well start looking back on stuff here. I admit, I haven’t had any real contact with typography before this exercise, so I only had a very vague understanding of how typefaces works. Thankfully Chris’ explanation was very quick and clear so I think I somewhat understand the basics now, and will try to use the correct terminology. So after the crash course we got to work. As usual, I had a hard time breaking

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